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Older Scrolls VII: Next solid hint of exclusivity in the Xbox

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Many RPG fans can expect more titles than The Elder Scrolls VI. It isn’t officially confirmed yet, but there’s growing sign of this upcoming epic from Bethesda able to play exclusively on Xbox.

Since Microsoft took over Bethesda, it has already been confirmed that the two top titles for 2023, Starfield and Redfall, will go exclusively on PC and Xbox, so that players can avoid the PlayStation. Finally, the RPG series Elder Scrolls will continue with a sixth part. I’ve just thought that this game would remain exclusive to the Xbox, but it’s still not officially announced. In turn, that seems to be a big issue now.

At the moment that the Activision Blizzard took over, Microsoft was supposed to explain again to the Federal Trade Commission, for the short period. The 37-page document mentions Bethesda, and confirms three of its upcoming developments will be for Xbox and PC.

It seems to be clear that the three games are at least once in the number. Since it is also understated that titles are played by either individual or group if they are not multiplayer titles the probability that no. 3 is The Elder Scrolls VI should be very high.

Microsoft acquired ZeniMax in 2020, which also owns Bethesda. The first time the upcoming expansion will yield some fruit, as is the recent release of Starfield, a so-called sci-fi blockbuster, exclusively for PC and Xbox as well as the Xbox Game Pass.

Don’t sign up so early! The hype doesn’t grow.

Do we really need to know about a game five years in advance?

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