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Oleg Kazakov announced the continuation of the playgedonia play

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The developer of the role-playing game Gedonia announced that it would be a continuation of the project and presented a trailer for the new RPG.

This time, the creator of the game Oleg was not left alone a whole team of likeminded people joined the project. They wanted to significantly improve the gameplay. The plot will be paralleled with the quest, as well as the many paths.

The sequel will get a completely original script that won’t be connected to the first part by plot threads. Players can help them transform four of them into a open world and to create the most daring and creative ideas by using a unique character. The decision is yours if you do the glitzy adventure alone or share it with friends. There are all aspects, tasks and challenges in the game world available, both in a single player mode and in co-op.

Because the project is beginning, it is too early, so that it’s not possible to talk about a date for a release. At the same time, Oleg said he won’t abandon the first game and proposed a roadmap that lets you learn what to expect from the future updates.

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