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Omega 6 The video game finally got a publisher

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Find a new home in Omega 6 The video game.

Manga fans, it’s time to rejoice! Omega 6 The video game that has been developed by Happymeal and Pleocene finally signed a publisher. The game will be published by Embracers Clear River Games and its partner City Connection. It’ll be available on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2024 via Steam. Besides, the video game will be showcased at Tokyo Game Show this week.

Omega six is an upcoming 16-bit manga series. It’s a retro-futuristic adventure, as is an adventure. This game is part of the popular cult manga Tawai Imamura, who has been the legendary artist behind F-Zoo and Star Fox. He’ll work as a major art director and the game’s best director.

If the game is to follow the story of a manga, it is going to follow a completely original story. As such, new characters will be introduced in the manga. The story is coming to a new level where humanity has colonized a number of planets.

The player is the two of the main characters, Thunder and Kaila, which are tasked with finding a new home for humanity after aliens invade their current houseworld. This game includes several game types, like exploration, puzzle solving and resolving.

If you like classic games like the Nintendo arcade, retrofuturism or simply beautiful art, then you should definitely watch it.


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