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On eBay, biometric scans contain military personnel’s data, and not only the scanners did not come to the military but the data also used by the American military

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It is reported that biometric scanners that carried the data of many US military, civilian employees of foreign countries and militants were sold freely on eBay. The scanners contained a fingerprint, a iris scan, a photograph, a name and a description of people from Iraq and Afghanistan, most of whom were from Iraq and Afghanistan. Scanner sellers were too lazy to remove this information that could damage the health of many people and many lives.

Image Source: Pixabay.

A survey of the purchase of scanners on eBay conducted by a German security engineer from the Chaos Computer Club, led by Matthias Marx. They purchased six scanners from the website, almost all of them for less than $200. The experts decided to start an experiment after press reports were made about a number of biometric scanners left in Afghanistan by citizens who partnered with the US military.

These results shocked them, like the researchers who later reported that they were shocked. They found the names, nationalities, photographs, fingerprints and iris scans of 662 people on a memory card from one of the scanners. According to metadata, the device was used in the summer of 2012 in Afghanistan near Kandahar. The scanner was designed in Jordan in 2013 and contained the fingerprint and iris scans of a limited group of US military personnel.

The worry is that [ ] even tried to protect the data, Marks said in an interview with the NY Times. They didn’t care about the risk, or they ignored it. Data could be quickly deleted from memory cards, but for ten years, nobody disagreed with it.

Representatives of the US Department of Defense are not able to confirm the authenticity of the information found in biometric scancards and asked them to be transferred to them for analysis.

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