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On Mars found signs of seasonal flooding in the past compared to the early origin of life

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Scientists reported that the Curiosity rover detected signs of a seasonal flood in Mars that the planet now experienced seasonal floods. The way life’s originated is ideal for the person with whom the process goes.

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Modern scientists tend to believe that water in the past had real water on Mars. They don’t understand what they’re doing. Some argue that the Earth has long-lived lakes and oceans. Some are certain these were ice ice deposits that appear occasionally on the surface. These statements can be interpreted in different regions of Mars for different times. An international team of scientists has published a paper showing the recent seasonal flooding in at least one area of Red Planet. Such processes could be crucial to the natural production of molecules that will be necessary for life’s origin, even though they do not necessarily mean existence of conditions to flourish on life’s own.

The discovery was made while studying materials sent by the Curiosity rover. That is the older of two active rovers that are exploring Gale Crater. Over the next three days, in one year, of the Mars period, its entire history started about 30,000 days ago. This machine captured a structural structure that resembled a hexagonal grid hexagonal stone with three centimeters from the center of the concrete-drift that would be half an inch wide and about 10 cm deep. On Pluto, like a model previously, they were formed by convection of ice. Formations in Mars appeared due to the drying of the mud, and a crack appeared.

A true rover. . Image source: nasa.gov.

Water can come from the surface as a flood or from the bowel in the form of groundwater. But the small size of these structures lacks surface water, not groundwater-raising a few centimeters of rock at the top. As for the appearance of structures as this may be, there must be an additional wave cycles, i.e. at least a dozen, to bring the same distance to the junction. chemistry confirms that the stones in the cracks are a sulfate of calcium and magnesium which dries when the water dries. And these deposits form thicker rocks than hexagonal silt.

The study notes that the water on Mars appears to be more consistent with seasonal events, hence the conclusion that the water was presented by the glaciers melting, rather than the extinction of glaciers. And they say that environmentals are considered favorable and potentially necessary for prebiotic chemical evolution. That is to get life started. The blocks of molecules that form the living organisms on Earth are found even on asteroids, therefore it is more important to examine the conditions for the evolution of complex compounds from these blocks and seasonal floods in this environment. Although there are no reason to believe that this is the way life was created on Earth and so is Mars, there is new study suggesting that Mars had favorable conditions for this.

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