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On November 10, Air Twister: Yu Suzukis Most Innovative Masterpiece Can Be Put on PC and Console!

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If you’re ready for the game with Inn & S. Net, plan to release Air Twister The latest creation from Yu Suzuki all time round! The rail shooter set to become digital on November 10th for Switch, PC and XB; PS4 with boxed copies available. Enjoy an enjoyable experience, as we dive into the thrilling world of Twister.

Air Twisters Extra Mode: Take the Fury!

While the countdown to release of Air Twister is growing, fans eagerly explored the interesting array at all times. These modes offer a lot more challenge and fun to the epic adventure. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

  • Stardust Face wave the enemies within a time limit, shooting them down as fast they appear.
  • Arcade Mode Immerse yourself in an old-school arcade with extremely difficult and intense shooting action.
  • Light-Dark Transform a 3D view through the classic 2-d side scroller, making it possible to navigate with an elephant from above. Choose between Score Attack or Get Stars.
  • Bosses Rush Test your skills in quick succession and set off the highest score table.
  • The speed and the difficulty is double. Can you be beat at the same time as before?
  • Tap Breach is a simple, yet addictive mini game where you must play these cubes with numerical tapping. Watch out for spinning cubes!
  • A stage lifts into a tunnel and defeat the enemy. This stage is twice as long for normal, testing your rail shooter skills.
  • Traveling with the snatched world!

    In Air Twister, every victory and commitment to daily/weekly events reward you with the highest players of the game. A treasure collection of extras and unlockable items on the Adventure Map is played by stars. From weapons to costumes, the Adventure Map is an impressive sight of hidden treasures.

    Players are a part of the game: Jump into the wonderland.

    Air Twister promises a captivating gaming experience with:

    • Douze sculptured stages offer unique experience every time you play.
    • Over 20 of the ten formidable bosses are required to challenge your skills.
    • Simplification is the key for an enjoyable play experience.
    • The epic soundtrack is composed by Valensia, obscene composer of the Dutch market.
    • High replayability with Challenge Games in the Adventure Map, like Arcades and Turbodesk.
    • There are tons of fun and exciting Minigames.

    Are you prepared for the challenge? Can you collect all the stars and master Air Twister 100%? The countingdown has started, and the gaming world is inflaming. The day when Air Twister takes flight on November 10th, you’re ready to do the right thing for a unforgettable journey! It’s time to think the Yu Suzuki way about gaming.

    Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox 4, Microsoft Windows and Sony.

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