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On paper, this vacuum cleaner is fast-growing in perfection

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In just a few years, Dreame became a leader in the robot vacuum cleaner and mop market. It’s based on the new DreameBot L20 Ultra, which has been presented at the IFA 2023 convention, and brings some original ideas and technologies that risk to shake up the competition.

Dreame has managed to become a true competitor to the big names in the robot vacuum cleaner market: Roborock, iRobot and Ecovacs. The manufacturer isn’t revolutionizing the industry, it’s not reversing that and providing its customers with a complement which will probably arrive in the court soon.

The double-mechanic Mop and detergent on Demand must be required.

A first glance, the Dreame L20 Ultra is a robot vacuum cleaner and mop that conforms to what the manufacturer already offers. Even though we progress in its technical sheet, we become excited. Nevertheless, if it’s not revolutionary, its innards conceal a 7000 Pa suction motor whose aims keep it in place.

The map allows GPS, AI, and 3D animation. This robot should, therefore, map your environment with precision and navigate it smoothly. All this by identifying and finding obstacles to avoid them. According to the brand, only the smallest items such as a thin USB cable have trouble getting spotted. Must be examined.

Animal droppings are included, but it’s easy to measure this aspect of our planet.

Obviously, while Roborock or iRobot have an integrated washout mechanism, we’ve only got one, and this is a little disappointed. We get three thousand dollars from the cost of the unit.

A single layer of rubber sand has been made into a suitcase. This also takes care of the cleaning and drying mops, the filling of the robots’ water container, the recovery of dirty water and the use of a detergent.

If you read correctly, we have a base that offers detergent cartridges for easier cleaning of floors and mopping. According to Dreame, it will need to be replaced once every month and refills will be available for a set of three items at a cost of three a tonne. You should not forget that a car will be delivered with the robot.

Some very flexible skates make up many limits.

It’ll give people a lot of smile when it comes to dry cleaning, and it will make the cleanliness freaks laugh because of its Mop Extended technology. Contrary to the competition, the pad never restes in the center when this robot processes baseboards or edges of furniture. You will move so that you are actually in contact with these surfaces.

As well as the robot’s encountering a carpet, the pads can be raised to 10.5 mm as long as they’re not wet, compared to 7 mm at Roborock. This way, as well as dual-scrub mode, lets the pads spin much faster and exert greater pressure on the floor to remove stubborn stains and sticky residues. If you want to treat carpets in a room, the glides automatically detach and stay on the ground. The robot does its job. The Dreame L20 Ultra can return to the base to remove the pads before going to treat long-pile carpets.

The Dreame L20 Ultra will be available starting today for 1199.99 euros.

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