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On Season 2 of The Boys Spinoff Gen V, an update has been made

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If you’re looking for more students from Godolkin, then this would be your luck.

Prime Video announced today that it’s renewed The Boys spinoff Gen V for the second season. The announcement comes as the series’ eight-episode first season continues to roll out. “The finale” will go on Nov 3.

Gen V expands the world of Prime Video’ bestselling superhero comedy The Boys by giving birth to Godolkin University, which will be used in the next generation. And so does the Boy Universe: wild powers or corporate conspiracie that could gore galore and her exiled stardom…

The cast includes Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo and Lizze Broadway. Shelley Conn’s Maddie Phillipson / London Thor; Derek Luh-Asa Germanner Patrick Schwarzenergger (Barry) Thomas und Marco Pigosti on the first season but many other Boys stars are returning to their roles during each season again for that song. Jessie T. Usher (A-Train), Colby Minifie, Ashley Barrett; Claudia Doumit and Peneith Byrna (Adam Bourke). The Soldier Boy will be back in Gen V Season 1 as well!

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Gen V was released on Prime Video on September 29th, the first three episodes of IGN having a 9/10 episode: “Gen is one for the intersection between contemporary and youth entertainment; tomfoourages (and with us), eagerly pursued pardonable in which fans deserve this quality”

Today’s good news about Gen V comes as fans await more updates on The Boys Season 4. While the first episode of Season 3 was renewed in June 2022, but this past July, the showrunner Eric Kripke told X that “when #Season4 drops depends on how much time it takes to get involved.” The writers strike ended last month (and SAG-AFTRA remains on the picket line), but we don’test to what series you rewatch.

We’ve included a summary of the twist in last week’s episode.

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