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On Steam, you can now get Early Access to 9th Sentinel Sisters

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Humans must give up again.

It is time to fight with aliens. The sci-fi rogue classic 9th Sentinel Sisters by Live Wire is now live on PC via Steam Early Access. You could buy her for a price of $4,99 USD/4.94 EUR/250,00 CNY at once ($4,99) This is also available in Chinese, Japanese and Simplified Chinoise languages.

The game takes place on a post-apokalyptic Earth devastated by an alien life form known as the Bleed. They have beaten the people forced to live in massive underground shelters called Ark. To defend the land, however they developed a group of Sentinel Sisters called Father’S Arm for the Bleed.

Players take the clone soldiers’ control and are driving their fathers. They must fight on procedurally generated stages; they will defeat hordes of enemies and bosses along the way. The game features lots of weapons and reinforcement parts that combine to create powerful assemblages.

They can choose their own strategy, focusing on winning high-flying enemies or losing weight. The game is challengingly fast-paced and requires players to think on their feet, react quickly. The outrageous elements get an extra layer of excitement.

Here’s a key of the game: The player.

  • Relative action against men in real time.
  • Side view Twin sticks.
  • A post-apokalyptic world destroyed by aliens and a fighting girl.
  • There are 16 types of weapons.
  • 37 kinds of reinforced parts.
  • 3 heroes
  • Full controller


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