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One of the few most powerful games in history was a video release from the web

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Black Myth: WuKong will become the protagonist of Gamescom 2023, where we will see a new trailer during the Opening Night Live. Moreover, according to some rumors, the participants might try the demo of the game before the user even expected.

The question was first posted on Bilibili (for those who don’t know, this is a type of Youtube of China) and later shared on Twitter by bilibili user. It could clear that it could fall from the network within a few hours, if the Game Science team decides to block it.

A boss fights a PC version.

As the video goes, a boss fights against giant insectoid monsters that tries to embarrass the player by exploiting his size for powerful dunks, as well as throwing at a poisonous toxins and forcing his puppy to help him.

It looks like the video is taken from the desktop version. The package is called an i7 8700 and a GeForce 1660 Ti, with the game running in 2K. Unfortunately the quality of the video is not the best. Consequently, the final product is completely negligible.

At this point, all that remains to wait for Gamescom 2023 to see films of Black Myth: WuKong of certainly better quality. Hopefully, there is a demo, which will be available to all players and not only for those who will take part in the Cologne festival, which will remember, that it will take place from 23-27 August 2023, anticipates the opening night live in the coming day.

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