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One of the finest in Infernos has lost its greatest advantage in CS2

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In this huge change, Valves revealed a one of the most important positions in Infernos, with car now being replaced by Counter-Strike 2, making elegability for CT players to hold the line after the change a lot easier.

Before the swap, Counter-Strike players could stand against plywood from the top of banana without exposing their heads to enemies that are tippling the entrance from the B site. With the massive Inferno reconstruction coming up, gamers are better off being beaten to avoid seeing anything.

If this change seems to be smaller, it still makes the CT side much weaker in CS2 and helps them to stay in place.

CS:GO and CS2 Inferno You can see a harp of the enemy’s head in Banana clearly, if they come forward and check you with CS2. I got two kills yesterday. Sadly, not everyone knew of this change.

DAYAS (@DAYAS) September 9, 2023

Infernos has an automatic win rate of 60 percent in CS:GO, according to Blitz.GG statistics, and while we have no clear statistical information in the area of the CS2 maps, it seems that certain positions were tweaked to further favor the side.

As players enter the CS2 beta, whether this new change will impact the B site greatly, becomes more clear.

It means players on the T side will have much easier ways to reach the B-side en route.

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If this change tip the scales too far in favor of T sides there is always chance that the Valve developers will take action. They’ve already made several small changes to each CS:GO map every year and will continue the same in CS2.

Some pre-update maps had different winning rates in 2022, but the CS devs quickly repaired them.

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