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One Piece Netflix: A very gifted fan fixes the worst mistake of season 1

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One Piece Netflix: A really gifted fan fixes the worst mistake in the first quarter of season. It’s crazy.

Publication of the 20th of November 09, 2010 at 6:30.

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The “One Piece live action” series has several qualities which have enchanted fans of the manga. In short, the adaptation caused a sound, even if a few flaws were present. There is one who enjoys the gallery by a lot, apart from this YouTuber who is finding the right way to fix everything.

The live-action adaptation finally reached the heights on Netflix.

Over the past two weeks, Netflix subscribers have mobilised to welcome the live-action adaptation of the One Piece anime. As soon as she’s all done, her waited story, eagerly awaited while she looks at the end of the podium, is now taking the stage of the show, adapted from The Eiichiro Oda, now reaching the heights of the platform charts at N rouge, even though she isn’t on the first floor on the podium. Now that everybody is assured, enthusiasm for this project is even stronger, since it will indeed be a season 2: a destiny many other aborted movies like Cowboy Bebop envy.

Yesterday, around 10:00 p.m., the mangaka announced a new series of episodes. As expected, the Mugiwara will return to new horizons in search of treasures and, most importantly, new partners including a doctor with an unusual appearance. The Straw Hats journey will last as long as possible, even though the whispers from behind the scenes tell us all about this. I think you should be a slapped on a bit of the old day and take the opportunity to erase some nasty flaws that’ll make the gurus of the series a challenge.

This YouTuber Fixes the Most Hilarious Mistake in One Piece Series.

Here we describe the scripting of a young content creator. During the eight episodes, an icecream came into the final half. If you’ve seen this error, we said that it wasn’t so long ago as he said it had amused the crowd on social networks. Just a short thought. Let’s say that Zoro was so insensible with his favorite sword, Wado Ichimonji, as the clip below proves. Instead of laughing about it, this YouTuber decided to take matters into his own hands.

The mistake was so bad that he spit out the contents of his cup. Of course it’s an old fashioned set-up, but this young Taiwanese YouTuber didn’t take long for the project to install the Adobes After Effects software and repair the old sword that Belonged to Kuina. A few clicks here, a few modifications there and thats it! Now, we must hope all that is reaches Netflixs ears, and that a producer, with the following effect, will be more vigilant!

About Netflix The One Piece live-action series is one piece.

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