One Piece Odyssey releases the New System Trailer


Bandai Namco released a new trailer for one piece Odyssey over the holidays, focusing on the game’s content. The game is due out in less than two weeks, so it’s ensuring everybody knows what to expect in order to not take part in any of that. If it were the only thing which was called a trailer, it was a little too big and a little disgraced. That video is full of 11 minutes. They really provide you a tutorial about what works, without saying any of the players would have the skill to play in the game. Enjoy the video below as the game will be released on April 13th 2023.

Name: Bandai Namco.

“InOne Piece Odyssey, players explore new, familiar, richly detailed and authentic environments that match One Piece’s visual style, and uncover new areas and hidden treasures in their quest. The gameplay features classic and exciting turn-based battles that embrace One Piece’s traits, giving players a different ability to use their unique abilities to win on powerful enemies and massive bosses. In addition to the main storyline, fans can explore Inone Piece’s world by discovering hidden side stories and by taking on Bounty Hunts, who petty against dangerous enemy pirates.”

A series of new battles in the Odyssey allow players to take advantage of various weapons and enemies, and use different types of weapons and abilities to defeat enemies’ weaknesses. The epic battle of the game has a unique mechanic where players overcome situations typical of One Piece and provide specific players with specific effects that are empowering the actors to develop their work. “Let’s get more experience for completing tasks,” said Steve.

The Straw Hat Crews return to a mysterious new island where players embark on several challenges that relate to “the past” to the present of a one piece, and get powerful enemies and massive bosses to fight formidable enemies and big bosses in exciting turn-based battles. The game will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Assassinate series in which fans play epic adventure drama.


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