Opened Sifu, Steam Version, Detailed updated arena & game views


Sifu was acclaimed when it appeared on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and in the Epic Games store in February. Xbox and Steam users can now learn Sloclaps martial arts. The studio announced that the game was coming to the Xbox One, Xbox X|S and Steam in March 2023 along with a big new update. It’ll cost $39.99 on both platforms.

This grand patch will bring in Arenas, a wave-based survival mode. It has nine maps that will all feature challenges and difficulties. Conquering the map will unlock new cheats, skins and modifiers. The teaser in the update shows some of these maps that hardly appear to be to the level of the campaign.

The new modifiers will double the amount currently used. In summer update, the modifications were implemented. Sloclap has been adding more in the years to its updates. The studio noted that these modifiers notably [bring] alternative moves to the Kung-Fu palette of the main character, but at the moment it is not clear what that means.

The Arenas mode was a part of Sifus’ roadmap from the beginning and was the last update for the game. The team recently revealed a second generation of survival maps for Q2 2023 — in parallel to the previously announced roadmap.


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