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Opera’s generative AI chatbot Aria now supports Opera GX browser

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Opera GX Aria AI

The gaming-focused web browser Opera GX has added support for its maker’s home-baked AI chatbot Aria. It’s a generative AI chatbot based on OpenAI’s GPT technology which is also the driving force behind the popular bot ChatGPT.

Aria is already available on Opera’s flagship browser which got a major revamp earlier this year. Among various tasks, the AI chatbot can answer questions by pulling the latest available information from the web.

The browser AI comes fitted with Opera’s proprietary Compositor architecture, allowing it to write code. The chatbot can also be used to get updates on upcoming game seasons, write character bios, and tips to start your streaming career, according to its maker.

A nifty feature called AI Prompts lets you select a portion of text in the browser and put the Aria AI to work. It can come up with contextual information related to the highlighted text.

In its blog post, Opera stated:

Aria is not your average AI – equipped with Opera’s proprietary Composer architecture, Aria can not only write code, but also taps into the real-time pulse of the internet, providing you with up-to-the-minute results that can answer all of GX users’ questions. With this new feature, Opera GX Early Bird users can now interact directly with a friendly browser AI who has all the latest gaming news and tips right at their fingertips.

To use Aria on the Opera GX browser, you need to enable the ‘Early Bird’ option in the browser’s settings. After that, you can set up the chatbot from the sidebar where you need to sign in using your Opera account which can be created for free.

It was reported last month that Opera’s generative AI tool was able to attract 1 million users since its launch. In addition to Windows, Linux, and macOS, the AI chatbot was also rolled out to the Opera browser for Android and iOS.


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