Oppo gives users a reason to stick with its phones for more than four years


Earlier this year, Samsung updated its software update policy to continue supporting its flagship phone for many more years than before. Joining the bandwagon is OnePlus, which is gearing up for the launch of the OnePlus 11. Now, OnePlus’ parent company Oppo has made a similar commitment.

Oppo ColorOS 13

Oppo has announced that it will continue to support its select phones to ensure they last longer. The Chinese tech brand has pledged to offer four major Android upgrades and five years of security updates to these phones starting in 2023. Its new update policy applies to everyone worldwide and is not limited to users in China.

B Official blog post, the company said that with its new update policy, it “aims to bring more long-lasting and stable intelligent experiences to global users by continuing to build on ColorOS.” Whatever the reason, we saw it coming as OnePlus made the exact same commitment a few months ago. And history tells us that whatever one of them does, the other ends up following.

However, Oppo hasn’t shared enough information about which “select flagship phones” will get the chance to continue receiving support from the company for five years. Hopefully, it will share more details about it very soon.

But if you currently own a flagship Find X series, Oppo’s new update policy doesn’t affect you. You’ll continue to receive three major OS updates and four years of security patches. But for those planning to buy one next year, you might want to stick with it for a few more years.

If you use high-end Android phones, how often do you trade them for newer phones? Tell us in the comments.


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