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Orange: Which house are you supposed to choose in 2023?

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One can read two boxes, two generations, two very different offers for different audiences. We give you advice on which man to choose in 2023.

Historically, Orange always advocated for a level of honesty and excellence, even though it means lowering prices compared to competition. Such as a Livebox offering, one that has sat pretty good health in the past few years, especially technically, due to only the two languages of two different generations: the Livebox five and the Livebox 6. Click here to hear more about Orance.

A technical aspect that must be reflected, as is the case with the other actors, particularly in the TV industry. Orange can’t compete with its old equipment and its high prices even though it is easier to recommend a Sosh offer if you wish to fit in with an Orange fiber line at home.


Orange lost his throne on fiber speed.

The performance of the Livebox will depend directly on the offer that you offer to subscribe. Livebox Fiber offers 500 Mb/s in the upstream and the same level of download speed. This offer gives you access to 140 channels, which come with a 4K TV box, and unlimited calls in to the landline. In comparison, SFR Fiber Starter offers 500MB/s up and down speeds for one year and 30 dollars/s.

The standard Livebox Up Fiber offer offers two Gbits in downstream and 600 Mb/s in downstream speed. Over the 4K TV and 140 channels, you can get a 2nd TV decoder. You can also request a Wi-Fi 6 repeater in order to improve your connection or to increase the signal range. Free calls are also included to landlines as well as mobiles in Europe, America and the French Overseas territories.

SFR Fiber Premium offers a free of charge service of two Gbit/s per month for 35.99 euros, but Wi-Fi 6 is also integrated into the box, and the Freebox Revolution is offering a free trial for 19, 99 euros monthly.

What’s real flow cost? If we look at the Nperfometer start of 2023, Bouygues Telecom is now a shorthead ahead of Orange, but is all the same, as that in the future. But before all, Free reached the number one spot, with download speeds going above 300 Mb/s average in France, while Orange at least exceeds 240 Mb/s.

The average speed of the stream is the same, but Orange is lost with Free and Bouygues Telecom.

Compare that barometer to others, like Degrouptest dating from July 2023, so that we might get a lot better results, however the ranking remains the same.

Four12 Mb/s at Bouygues Telecom (378 Mb/s at Free 355 Mb/s at Orange 336 Mb/s at SFR) 412 Mb/s at Bouygues Telecom 378 Mb/s at SFR.

Livebox offers in 2023.

Livebox Fiber

An entry level is already cheaper than an international conference. One year and a half are cheaper than the city of Sosh. This offer comes with a Livebox 5 and a speed limit of 500 Mb/s for downloading and sending. The Livebox 5 is released in 2019 and it is the standard based upon sobriety, but it has the merit to be made entirely in recycled plastic. We note that there is no LED on the front, which replaced with diodes for lights and services such as internet, Wi-Fi and telephone. As a result, we found 4 Gb/s Ethernet ports, and the wireless network is supplied by a 5.1-bit USB. Moreover, while one can meet most i-rate use when one is at home, the option is not to be filled with an optional Wi-Fi repeater, but you have the possibility of adding it yourself.

The TV has 140 channels via the Ultra HD 4K Decoder, but it’s not required. The telephone part provides unlimited calls, but only through the telephone.

The lifebox UP has been made out of fibre.

In fact, there is a very limited technical development on this offer, which remains limited to a distribution of a Livebox 5, but with a theoretical maximum speed up tenfold since it can reach two Gb/s in download and a maximum of 600 Mb/s in sending. We also offer a TV package with 140 channels, and can order the special decoder for 40 euros. For the first year of the year, for $31.99 per month and then fifty,99 € per month, it’s a bit expensive.

I would like to ask the man who has ordered one to re-start the game. The only other benefit of this offer is the possibility to play a Wi-Fi 6000 repeater; the capacity to record 100 hours of radio and television programming; – but also, to telephony in France, Europe, in French Overseas territories and in the USA/Canada.

Liveboxes have a maximum width.

Livebox Max Fiber is the only single offer made in the long-awaited Livebox 6 category. The design this time really is contrasting to the black monolith of the livebox 5 and is more old-fashioned with a structure that can be placed vertically and a e-ink screen that distills practical and energy saving information. The real technical advancement comes from the fact that Wi-Fi 6E is compatible as a tyre like the Freebox and the Bbox Ultym.

Apart from that, for the first year, the maximum cost of 37.99 euros/month and for the second half is 55.99 euros/month. While a theoretical connection amounted to 2 Gb/s (shared) is on the other hand, and 800 Mb/s for sending is on. The decoder with its 140 channels are still available on request. The SVOD offers are absent. That offer certainly would be for those who don’t want to run away of Orange.

Which Livebox do we recommend?

Again, the choice of the offering will depend, more or less, on your needs and budget. Orange is clearly not the cheapest operator on the market. It’s possible to get better televical experience on the market if you come across the competition. If you are at least with Orange, you’ll benefit from the best customer service of all the four operator on the market, although this data is still very uncertain.

If the accommodation is eligible and you have decided to switch to Orange, we suggest the Livebox Fiber offer for the first year at 24,99 euros per month. Our choices are first explained economically and, above all, from a very pragmatic perspective, the contribution of Livebox 6 isn’t technically essential apart from the addition of Wi-Fi 6E. In case you are intimidated, you should invest in a dedicated router, so you could use it cheaply. In any case, even with 500 mb/s you have the requisite connection for the majority of the logical applications, whether you use streaming, downloading or home automation.

The Livebox Max Fiber offer is certainly interesting in print, but as far as it is concerned, its price is quite prohibitive, mainly for the first year and for the most part the advantages of any one other is optional on request, such as Wi-Fi repeaters and DVD-multipronologue.

SFR Fiber Starter Cable.

Speed up to 500 mb/s.

There are 160 channels for television.

A telephone service will take you to some of the destinations.

FiberBoad fit FiberBoad.

Take in enough water for up to 400 kg/s.

The spectroscopic television of Sans Player is out.

Telephony to 110 destinies.

Fiber, RED box Fiber cable.

Speed up to 500 Mb/s to speed.

Satellite TV has a satellite.

Telephony to 100 destinations.

Every cable has a cable.

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