OTK reinstates Mizkif after no definitive evidence of sexual assault cover-up was found in the investigation


OTK published a lot of news late on New Year’s Eve, with the org announced that Mizkif would be reinstated to OTK, albeit when suspended from OTK and put on probation by the org for keeping track of his actions and statements.

The streaming organization announced that its investigation into the allegations against Mizkif, which they claimed they would retain the Jackson Walker law firm to conduct, provided no direct evidence that Mizkif tried to cover up and hide an alleged sexual assault in the hoop of a streamer AdrianahLee that was purportedly committed by his friend CrazySlick. The cover-up claims, which was first claimed in the public by Trainwrecks, were later supported by AdrianahLee.

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OTK (@OTKnetwork) January 1, 2023

While the org has been reinstated as an OTK member due to the unpaid suspension from the org while the investigation took place, he wasn’t quite putting him in the place of authority he once held. Mizkif is suspended from OTK board, and he will be taken into consideration on a monitored probation so long as he proves to the board that he is capable of pursuing [OTKs] values.

Even though the investigation might have proved hard evidence supporting the allegations against Mizkif, OTKs statement references his return stream in which he seemed to light up the whole situation. The org said that Mizkif still showed a very harsh disregard for the severity of sexual misconduct and racial prejudice in our space. Even in the earliest occurrence, OTK seems to take the old DMs that were leaked by Ice Poseidon into account. When it comes to the role of Mizkif in the organization, it appears that the language referencing racial prejudice is related.

While Mizkif now seems to be able to return in future OTK content and return to the org for once in the streaming, he can’t wait to see what happens when he has returned full time to Twitch. He has remained constant as it turned down his return stream for a few years.

The general reaction to the OTK statement that is made so far hasn’t been particularly favorable; many public replies to that statement seem to accuse the org of shaming the investigation.


Omni (@InfernoOmni) January 1, 2023.

At any rate, OTK members will likely be fielding many questions when they turn on their streams next year.


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