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Ottawa, Quebec, pledged to help the copper foil plant to improve the domestic EV ecosystem

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The Governments of Canada and Quebec have worked together to create a new copper foil facility.

Copper foil is a critical component of electric vehicle batteries (EVs) and VESCs parent company, Solus Advanced Materials, was the first to manufacture copper foil with a battery grade component.

The facility will be located in Granby, Québec, and employs 260 people.

The impact on emissions in the automotive industry is a key part of our journey to produce Canada carbon-neutral by 2050, a spokeswoman said in a press release. Voltas project is not just about helping the environment but also about bringing more jobs and a lot of other areas of Granby, the people of the country in value.

This project is part of the federal work to create the domestic battery ecosystem that has recently seen significant investment in all of Canada. These include the recent, $4 million investment in the manufacturing company FBT Inc.

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Source: Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada.

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