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Outveiling 20 Minutes of Unrelenting Gameplay in Lords of the Fallen Extended Presentation

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HEXWORKs uses Extended Gameplay for Dark-Fantasy Action.

HEXWORKS is a CI Games studio. In its extended gameplay presentation it delivers the lightest visual performance. This game is scheduled for release on Friday the 13th October. It now comes ready on platforms such as the PC, PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S.

A new adventure in a non-publicized world.

In a huge, semi-open world, this new video shows a glimpse of the varied and daunting world that players will traverse on their grand quest to dethrone the demon God. Players can decide the order in which they explore this interconnected lands. They must not only endure a world in this extensive RPG experience, but also two, due to the innovative dual realm mechanics.

Living Realms and its undisputed counterparts are living and alive.

Together with the living realm, Axiom, exist its undead counterpart, Umbral. Each realm has unique paths, foes, characters and treasures. Players can enter this parallel world, but this consumes one of their two lives. Dying in the living realm leads to a resurrection at the same spot in the undead realm, where they face a last chance of survival against the odds.

The presentation of Extended Gameplay is key to any game.

The Extended Gameplay presentation reflects a complete co-op feature, where players can invite others at an in-game rest point (vestige). They have the option of being a friend or player who stays for longer than they want to. It requires a rare resource to create vestiges at certain places.

More and more with improved Combat Systems and more.

The presentation uncovers the fully revised combat system in the Lords of the Fallen. The strength, the magic and the ranged abilities combine, allowing for incredible fight speed and variety. Players can easily identify up to 4 additional magic or ranged skills for instant access, allowing unlimited combos and reducing the need to switch abilities.

Games: PlayStation 5, Xbox X and Series S, Microsoft Windows.

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