Overwatch 2 Ramattra have long time accumulated, players demand nerf; MMR manipulation revelations leave some disappointed


Overwatch 2 is the original sequel to Overwatch. That challenge worlds heroes to stand together, to jump up and against enemies from all over the world.

Although many players were criticised for their actions, some players weren’t informed that it’s due to the lack of information or the lack of evidence. For example, we saw how an almost invincible Sombra and Zarya were facing an enormous backlash.

Ramattra Ultimate has overpowered Overwatch 2 to the eve of overpowered games.

And now, some Overwatch 2 players (1,2,3,4,5,6) have reported that the character Ramattra Ultimate appears oddly overpowered.


Ramattra has the most OP ult of the game. That’s really unstoppable. This is his nemesis. His block needs to be in a CD. He is broken without blocking, and a lack of shackle is also made harder. Source

Reports suggest that some players find it difficult to beat Ramattra without the help of characters like Mercy, Mei, Ana, Sigma, Zarya and more. He looks like he can sustain significant damage and continue to move.

Moreover, in Nemesis form, or during the ultimate, there is no movement penalty. However, Ramattra seems to have a flat 20 o’clock speed advantage in this form, giving him a competitive advantage over others.

This incredibly frustrating for the players and they gave them the confidence they needed to build a nice, friendly character. For reference, see what experience you’ve had in playing with Ramattra in the video attached below.

The Ramattra Overwatch 2 Experience pic.twitter.com/RKyOsweuDO.

Skiesti (@skiesti_) December 10, 2022.

Many players still have complaints and complaints, yet there is still no official word from Blizzard about this situation.

We hope the Overwatch 2 developers listen to players feedback and make the necessary changes to the character.

MMR manipulation is bad news.

The Overwatch 2 developers recently introduced an internal comparison system to the matchmaking rating. It’s been reported that when a player wins more than 50% of his matches, they begin to increase their MMR faster.

However, in this community the games didn’t receive well. This system has the goal to limiting potential players to win.

The source (click/tap to view)

This MMR change on the overwatch was the WORST thing ever to happen to the game. I finished the 10 minute matches as the only positive player on my team and both my dps have negative k/d ratios and are under 500 damage per minute. In. Diamond. Games. “Only at once,” in a row. Source

So, the idea of imposing higher-quality players for people with low MMRs to avoid players being too high to get those playing hard is quite absurd.

The Blizzard team is certainly unlikely to work with this problem as it is intended to balance the success of a large number of players.

Once new relevant events come, we’ll update this story.

Note: You can also check the Overwatch 2 bug/issues tracker.

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