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Overwatch 2 Ultimate DLC.sh/shret/shlss/hkrsnobst/ash/nxrsob.sh: player requesting the artwork section

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Numerous Overwatch 2 players recently complained that the Steam Invasion Ultimate bundle dLC is missing.

Blizzard Entertainment recently launched the DLC, which includes new legendaries, Story missions, a range of 2000 overwatch coins and much more.

Since the launch, Steam users have been posting reviews of OW2 mostly as negative. Some are even surprised that the developers decided to release the game on Steam.

While some of us believe it’s a final attempt made by the company to attract more gamers, this is because of the significant decline in player counts. Even though you have read the report (1,2,3,4), it looks like the majority of the reviews are by TF2 bots.

View the two Artwork tabs section without any mentions.

Other than that, some Overwatch 2 fans (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) are also unhappy, the games Steam page doesn’t have any ‘Artwork’ tabs.

There are a collection of artworks uploaded by different players in the art tab.

You can find new, creative artwork for your favorite games, and it also gives you the opportunity to support the work of the artists of the Steam community.

Go get the source. Click / tap to view?

Gamers are disappointed that the artwork section hasn’t been incorporated and they can’t view some impressive artwork.

Some speculate this is done despite speculation that a result is not enough for explicit content and negative feedback. They also assert that the screen is full of those content.

And that’s certainly a bad news for everyone who can not participate in some social media and play games like Facebook, Netflix or Yemen!

I wonder what the reason for this is the first game that I see in Steam that without a Artwork page. Source

Why doesn’t this game have a section of art? Source

And, as long as we can understand, the affected are requesting Steam to introduce an Artwork section for Overwatch two and one of the affected people, too. But the troubles of players aren’t end here.

The endearing version of the USSR does not have the full DVD.

Several Overwatch 2 players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) also complain that the Ultimate Invasion bundle isn’t the only one that doesn’t have the knowledge of that content.

As per the claims, some are unable to get access to content even after hours. While others contend, receiving the items after repeatedly resetting their game and waiting for a while.

This happens only when you buy the bundle from Steam. All right, users on other platforms aren’t experiencing such problems.


And for everybody who purchased the DLC in anticipation of launching a new story line, it’s undoubtedly sad.

The player asserts that while the payment went through, they haven’t received the battle pass, skins, pve or coins. An ounce of these words is an extra one. In addition, if you try to buy it, you get the pack message you bought already.

After two and a half hours finally I got them. I had to reset my game four times, so I could still see it. Source

You love spending 43 dollars and waiting just a few hours to receive my items. Source

The affected are now advising gamers that they will not purchase a DLC bundle from Steam until the problem is resolved.

Official acknowledgment

Fortunately, Blizzard Entertainment acknowledged this issue and is working with us to fix it. Moreover, gamers should try to restart their Overwatch two game client for a new problem.

Go to your browser and see what you have to do.

Since this is our case, we will keep tabs on the issue where the Overwatch 2 Steam Invasion Ultimate bundles of DLC are missing. It is time to update this story and update this story with new information.

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