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Overwatch 2 Update 3.43 Comes Out and introduces Olympic Battle This January 5th

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Now an update to Overwatch 2 updates is available for 2023! Overwatch 2 update 3.43 takes us in the new seasonal mode, Battle for Olympus, and a couple of updates to the Junker Queen, Zarya, Brigitte, and Moira. Keep looking at the details of Overwatch 2s January 5 patch notes!

Overwatch 3 updates | OW2 February 5 update notes:


In this free-for-all Deathmatch mode, fight for the throne of Olympus as 7 powerful gods and monsters of Greek Mythology, each with unique Divine Power that kicks in when they use their ultimate power. The most valiant contenders of the battle for Olympus have the chance to earn limited-time voice lines and player titles, and share their accomplishments for eternity.

By the end of the event, the hero who used the powers to win the most eliminations across all matches won’t be crowned the new ruler of Olympus!


  • The season of Competitive Capture the Flag for 2023 starts at 10 o’clock on January 10th and can be found in the competitive competition menu.
  • The loading screen for Competitive Play is updated.




Adrenaline Rush

  • Now heals for the remaining wound damage when a enemy dies with wounds on them.


  • The cooling time is now 2 seconds for each enemy it affects.

Jagged Blade

  • Roller impact losses reduced from 80 to 50.
  • The sticking target will have 30 damage wounds because of the direct impact. Throws with one of the hit-skin that can cause the damage for Quick Melee or the hit of the broken Jagged Blade.


  • The energy degout has reduced from 2,2 to 2 p.m.
  • After acquiring energy, the delay before energy degeneration starts.



Barrier Shield

  • The health care supply has gone up from 250 to 300.

Biotic Orb

  • Now dealing with Biotic Orb does some damage by taking care of the problem.



  • The bug – souvenirs incorrectly placed on Ramattra were incorrectly placed on them.
  • The problem was fixed with Kirikos Ofuda displaying black textures in her Whirlwind emote.
  • Reapers has fixed an issue with animations while ending his Take a knee emote.
  • Resolved an issue with placeable abilities floating after the destructible environment placed on that was destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue that left certain users seeing a black screen as the background of their Main Menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Group Up to say Im on my way in unintentional circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue on some consoles that resulted in blurry graphics.
  • Fixed an issue where some players couldn’t invite over certain consoles.
  • Fixed some problem with the Hero Gallery, on console platforms.
  • Resolved an issue where daily challenges stayed unobservable for a number of users.
  • Fixed an issue where the DRAW text from the end of the game won’t appear for players if the colorblind setting was active.
  • Resolved an issue where Invite to Custom Game wouldn’t appear as a choice in the Social Menu.


Watchpoint Gibraltar

  • Fixed some areas where players could escape the boundaries of the map.

Shambali Monastery

  • Some areas where players became stuck were fixed.
  • You fixed some areas where the environment might eat up some skills.
  • Lighting and geometry in many areas on the map have been fixed in order to understand various aspects.



  • Fixed an issue where the Bastions sound effects could loop from the moment death.
  • A problem where Bastions whole screen would turn yellow after the entire repair pack healed.


  • Correction of a bug with Swift Step to Capture the Flag and send it to the destination instead of dropping it where the ability was activated.


  • Fixed Mercys Guardian Angel sometimes helping him escape Ramattras Ravenous Vortex.


  • He was corrected by the Ramattras Hero Information page.
  • I fixed a problem involving Ramattras primary fire effects not showing the correct amount of projectiles for other players.
  • Ramattra should play playable effects on gamepads and controls.
  • Ramattra can no longer have more than one obstacle at once. Note: This could not happen in standard games, just Custom Game or Modes with low scalding times.


  • Fixed an issue where Pulse Bomb would not damage Tracer if it were carried to an enemy.


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