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Overwatch 2’s controversial skin release for Lilith Moira offers Blizzard re-education

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The bleak support hero Moira got what she could have the most exceptional Legendary Skin to date when Blizzard announced its crossover event with Diablo ahead of season seven. But excitement for this new skin quickly rained down with frustration as soon after the season began.

At the start of season seven, there was only one way for players to obtain the Legendary Lilith skin purchased by Moiraby from the $40 Ultimate Battle Pass bundle. Right, getting the coolest skin that we’ve ever seen for one of famously divisive heroes required players to get money despite all sorts.

While Blizzard remained mum on the issue initially, developers have finally addressed what has seen multiple players change over. In spite of the fact that they aren’t yet aware, even though they admit it was a mistake to make only the Lilith skin available in Ultimate Battle Pass package for some reason.

In the end of this season, a bit of controversy was raised about the placement by that latest Moirat Skin in Ultimate Battle Pass package. Blizzards notes it already read their post. Some players feel like the best skin of last season, and they said that only if we did something better in our shop today I was disappointed. We sell an Ultimate Battle Pass bundle every season with legendary skins in it and I’ll keep doing that. Nevertheless, it was the lesson that we had learned from this moment to make sure you didn’t compromise with our ability for us.

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The obvious solution to this question is to make the Moira skin available for play as he should buy it for his standard price. For example, there are 1,900 coins or around $19. Although Blizzard admitted that players learned a lesson about Lilith’s skin, they didn’t give much meaning to players who might have the lump sum of coins and want those sweet Diablo multi-genre hair.

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