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Paper Beast Enhanced Edition: dynamic textures, atmospheric lighting, sandbox expanded detailed

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Hello everyone! My name’s Eric Chahi and Im the creative director at Pixel Reef. In the near future, I wanted to share the story of our game, Paper Beast Enhanced Edition on PS5 and VR2, that is going to be the upcoming release of the game, which I am proud of as its developer.

Paper Beast is a unique game with which players are never forgetting their achievements, especially because of their relationships and connections with this creature. A team has more time than an expert to solve the problem of such harsh, often surreal environments. This raw wilderness and unique world opens its eyes for an intense aura of mystery, where the intrigue is amplified by the lack of UI and dialogue. The release of the VR2, a great deal by the power of the PS5, the opportunity to renew the paper beast was an opportunity we couldn’t miss. This new VR platform brings new features and unrivaled rendering that we were interested in. Perhaps this edition of the Paper Beast can be played without VR.

First lets talk about visual enhancement.

Dynamic textures for water and sand.

Paper Beast is now in 4K and its sharpness is perfect. The resolution of textures and shadows increased. Players can now see the glittering details of paper or animals carapace. The biggest thing is the grain, the exact texture, and the unique texture follows, the simple simulations. You can see the sand flowing from the grain level. In VR, it is extremely beautiful. The same goes for water. You can see the current moving.

Atmospheric lighting

Bright light illuminates the atmosphere now, a feature that Francois Sahy, a rendering programmer, was very keen on. We also could be integrated with the PS5 and his persistence in optimizing the code! There are a lot of lights filtering through and these light rays give a powerful impression of volume in VR, making it the games experience tangible. This image was adapted to the HDR PS VR2. The color palette is in essence more vibrant and softer. The PS VR2 on the eyes was finely tuned to each level.

Not only did the visuals get a boost, but the visuals did not help. The game’s also advanced.

In order to enjoy increased immersion, continuous locomotion extends the tempo to a more dynamic enticing experience.

This is an important improvement. The importance of watching the game is in the game’s own way. Playing such a way allows a better manipulation of the entity.

An expanded sandbox is needed.

The Sandbox of Paper Beasts has also evolved. The terrain is large, and the number of entities total has increased significantly. Other people with a lot of influence over the terrain, and play with more combinations. A major novelty is the way trees and plants beautify over time, with the present species being called vegetation. In comparison, when predators reproduce around a tree, the vegetation will see their sign.

We hope you are keen to play Paper Beast and explore its mysterious universe with or without VR.

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