PAYDAY 3, available in 2023, and has new in-house trailer


Prime Matter recently announced that it’ll release PAYDAY 3 in 2023. To celebrate this announcement, the publisher released a short pre-alpha in-engine trailer that you can find here.

After securing the prize money of the “Payday Gang,” you will receive an entire sack of debt as a result of that money and sloppy-jobs. Several years after the lone wolf invaded Washington DC, they reassembled again to deal with the threat that roused them out of early retirement.

A new tool is the Unreal Engine. It’ll be interesting to see if it will suffer from a shader compilation stutter. I mean, this is the Unreal Engine that we have been talking about. We still don’t know whether Starbreeze is going to use UE4 or UE5.

Enjoy the trailer. Stay tuned.

A New Criminal Dawn [COMING STORY 3] Watch this video on YouTube.


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