Payday 3 drops the first teaser trailer for the New Year after the silent 2022 silent version


Payday 3 – you can ring in the New Year’s Time.

2023 awoke with the first teaser trailer for Payday 3, which is still being announced for this year, and is now confirmed for Steam.

Since there were no updates on Payday 3s development throughout 2022, you would be forgiven for forgetting that its supposed to start in 2023.

Even though the developer stepped up his contract in March 2021, the game isn’t known for any detail. It didn’t even have a trailer.

That was till New Year’s Eve, when, half an hour ago, a trailer of the game was uploaded, to show the first glimpse of the game and its logo firsthand.

This is not to admit, as well, four-man cast in shadows watching the nighttime fireworks disappear.

But the trailer ends with confirmation that the game is still on track for later this year, even called the Payday 3 year 2023.

The game is available to wishlist on Steam. However, the trailer description reiterates that Payday 3 isn’t in the works for PC and consoles.

This is the third year of PAYDAY.

Wishlist to buy now on Steam:

Coming to PC and Consoles 2023

ABOYDAY – ABOYDAY – January 31, 2022.

We’ve seen many questions relating to whether Payday 3 would be coming to Steam or not, says the forum author in the article.

We are proud to announce that this community center will be our primary platform on PC, as well as Payday two. We like to work here together with your brothers and sisters, and we want more information and interesting details about Payday 3 as we get closer to its release.

Listo invites fans to ask questions about Payday 3, but admits that he isn’t going to be able to answer them all the time.

Currently, Payday 3 is the new first-person shooter of all time he’s about robbing banks, just like the previous games.

While the sequel revolved on 22 playable characters, the sequel has gotten the same result. One would rather put up the original four from the first Payday, who are forced out of retirement and will resign from the bank heists in New York City.

Hopefully, fans shouldn’t wait too long for the content to be shared.

Payday 3 is expected to be launched in 2023 for consoles and PCs.

Payday 3 is this concept art that had been one of the last things shared back in 2021.

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