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PC Gaming Weekend Deals: Targeted Deals, Stealth Packs and Free Loots

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Weekend sales for computer games is where the hottest gaming deals from around the web are gathered in one place, every week, for your consumption. So sit back, relax and hold on to your wallets.

As the first Tuesday of September rolled around, Humble introduced its latest edition of Choice package. The monthly selection has been refreshed to offer eight new games for subscribers to save as Steam Keys.

The eight titles for September are Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands plus her season pass, The Forgotten City, Deceive Inc, Aces & Adventures, Patch Quest, Foretales, Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus, And finally Autonatus vs Piratebots.

The Humble Choice pack will be refreshed to bring the next wave of games on September 5th, giving you a month to decide on the current pick. The bundle will cost you $11.99 to grab all the games, plus it includes some Humble Store perks like discounts.

A modest top-down stealth pack

Humble also introduced a few standard packages this week, one of which is Top-Down Stealth Collection.

It carries Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and its Aiko’s Choice standalone expansion, Tunguska: The Visitation and Intravenous in the starter tier for $7. Paying $11 in full for the bundle will also get you copies of Serial Cleanup, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, and War Mongrels.

The store also returned hers PC Building Simulator Pack For those looking to jump into the popular sim with some DLC attached. With that, you can get the base game plus nine pieces of extra content for $10.

Spelldrifter key art with Epic Games Store logo in the corner

The Epic Games Store provided another free game this week, which, as announced last week, is a copy of it Spelldrifter. This is the first time that this title also appears in the store’s weekly sale.

Spelldrifter Comes as a mix of two genres: tactical RPG, with turn-based location combat, and deck building, which offers customization and replayability. With multiple playable characters from which to build a party, developer Free Range Games says the experience involves players managing the resources they have “using both time and space.”

The benefit will last until this Thursday, September 14. 911 operator will take over of Spelldrifter Free slot on the same date.

Free events

Screenshot of payment day 3

Only a couple of free events are active this weekend, and they’re both from Steam.

with the heist game Payment day 3 On the horizon, developer Starbreeze is hosting a brand new beta event right now to hit its online servers. Anyone can use the request access button on the game’s store page to enter this event that will last for the next two days.

As for regular free events, the party game Ultimate chicken horse offers its multiplayer gates to try out over the weekend. Supporting up to four players, the title has many levels to platform and fight using blocks and traps that can be placed.

Game deals

Publisher deals from Focus Entertainment, FromSoftware’s publishing house dark souls series, Need for Speed Entrances and more are discounted this weekend. Even Titanfall 2 is coming back with deep selling.

With all these and more, check out our handpicked list of great deals below:

Offers without DRM

The GOG Store’s DRM-free Fall Sale is almost over, and to top it off, there’s another free item on offer. You can claim a copy of Requiem: Avenging Angel From the front page of the store. Here is another list of highlights from the ongoing sales:

Keep in mind that availability and pricing for certain deals may vary by region.

That’s it for our pick of this weekend’s PC game deals, and hopefully some of you have enough self-restraint not to keep adding to the growing backlog.

As always, there are a huge number of other summer deals ready and waiting across the networks, as well as services you may already be signed up to if you scan them, so keep an eye out for those, and have a great weekend.

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