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Phil Spencer still doesn’t know if TES 6 will be an Xbox exclusive

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The question of whether The Elder Scrolls VI will be an Xbox exclusive is one of the most pressing in the community, but Phil Spencer believes it’s too late to talk about it. This is exactly what Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, said about the upcoming TES VI package, although the release is very, very far from now.

Spencer spoke to Bloomberg, while telling a long time ago that Microsoft will make a case-by-case decisions on its exclusivity basis.

It’s a big game, so we’re not going to let that down. We want to ensure that our games are available on various devices. The software is on Xbox, or on computer. This game can play on almost any device with Internet access. We want millions of users to get access to the Starfield and other Xbox Game Studios games. All we want is to offer to give players the opportunity to choose a game for themselves and build their library of games.

As you can see, Spencer hasn’t answered directly to the question of The Elder Scrolls VI, and that’s a pretty useful question, since the Xbox boss, in the June FTC meeting, said that there’s no point talking about the exclusiveity of the next TES, since before its release is still so far away that we don’t even know what platform it would be available when the time comes.

After the Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda will start a game that was made for Fallout five.

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