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Phoenix Games unveils Vampire: The Masquerade Clans Of London

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Phoenix Games and well played Games work with World of Darkness to make a new collectible card game named Vampire: The Masquerade Clans of London. As you can see, they will create a new game that will depend on a range of clans and a set of characters within the dark TTRPG. As you enter a world of vampires who seek some different types of power and power over London’s streets, they will be able to create a game that’s entirely based on the clans and the settings within the dark realm. The team didn’t reveal much of anything beyond the fact they’d show off some of the cards during the PX West 2023. We don’t even have a window for release beyond that it isn’t likely to be released until 2024. There are more info and a few quotes from the teams below.

Credit: Phoenix Games.

Clans of London will be developed by the Phoenix studio Well Played Games, located in Leamington Spa in British Columbia. Well Played has developed the Mobile Version of Warhammer: Combat Cards with Games Workshop. He is a digital CCG player. Vampire: The Masquerades of London CCG promises to plunge players deep into the intricate and ominous universe of the world of darkness. It’s an interesting and enchanting encased world of lore’s rich narratives and strategic depth of card-based gameplay. Virtual Battle: the Masquerades of London is a unique blend of storytelling, strategy and artistry.

“Phoenix Games has proven success in implementing interactive mobile experiences, making them the perfect partner to bring World of Darkness to the mobile CCG platform,” said Sean Greaney. “Vampire: The Masquerade Clans of London isn’t just a game; it’s an adventure that demands players to embrace the shadow, take strategic decisions and live in the world’s signature stories,” said Greaney.

“We’ve been long-time admirers of World of Darkness, so this collaboration is pretty much a dream project,” said Klaas Kersting, CEO of Phoenix Games. We’re honored to have the opportunity to bring the breathtaking narratives of World of Darkness to the worldwide fingertips of fans through Vampire: The Masquerade Clans of London. Gamers can expect a product in which storytelling finesse meets game design meticulous, capturing the essence of everything that makes this universe so compelling.”

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