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Phreak admits that one of LoLs roles is about 20 percent stronger and could need huge nerfs

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The situation of the jungle in League of Legends could be ever-changing, but with that flux, it might still rank among the strongest games, at least, Phreak says.

At the beginning of Season 13 there were various changes in the jungle, from camp timers to the arrival of animal mates to the push toward farming and ganking. These changes were meant to make snowballing stronger and enhance the strength of the jungle in its rage, but they might not be enough to reduce its sheer strength.

So, in season 13 the junglers are about 20 percent stronger than other roles according to LCS caster Phreak, and possibly need some major nerfs.

If we nerfed [its] power by about 15 percent, that would probably be about appropriate and fair.


Riot recently brought several big jungler modifications to the PBE, including epic monster damage reductions, lower damage against pets, reduced durations and a gerry nerf. Some of the top jungle picks (kindred, Evelynn, Kayn, Khazix, etc.) were being nerfed, too. There isn’t any plan to ship them live for now.

This is a good news for a lot of players, many of whom think the role doesn’t need to change. Instead, they claimed on Aug. 20 that junglers should be kept at the same power level since it is the toughest thing to take back.

That was the same argument I used too, but it was okay for Riot to spin the jungles a little if those junglers who played the roaming position actually learned key mechanics like communication, coordination, and macro gameplay all of which they claim average solo queue junglers struggle to learn.

As far as Phreak has said, there are no nerfs coming immediately.

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