Pingo Doce Special Baby Brochure Promotions between 3 and 9 a.m


Take advantage of the PINGO DREAM Promotions Brochure from three to nineth January.

This preview previews Baby Special Promotions from January 3 to 9th.


Pingo Doce is a Portuguese hypermarket chain, that is founded in 1975. Its mission is to offer high quality prices at low cost but also close to Portuguese families. Its online shops show you all the furniture and electronics you need at a cost that gives you the luxury of saving time.

The leaflet comes out every Tuesday in the store, and the website and discounts are applied during the week in question. You can consult here about discounts and brochures.

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Pingo Doce is a Portuguese supermarket with an international value chain. This product belongs to the Jeronimo Martins Group, that is often present in cities. In January 2019 there were 432 stores in 293 locations.

More than 30000 employees bring high-quality products to customers at competitive prices, so they can increase their savings, particularly in the Pingo Doce catalogue.

You can find recipes and more information about the brands and the products sold on the brand website


You’ll find a wide range of things at the lowest prices and the best value. The brand controls the quality of the ingredients’ source, notwithstanding the use of certain substances, and guaranteeing their original taste and texture.

Pingo Doce is a favorite country in the world and follows strict procedures to control the origin of each ingredient in food products such as butter, olive oil, cheese, etc.

On the other hand, the brand guarantees the genuine flavor, not using more than 62 chemicals that, if allowed by law, give color and flavor to the products.

The packaging is done in projects that save the energy and prevent waste.

There are many different kinds of brands that you can find in stores and in the Pingo Doce brochure.



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