Pirate101 and Wizard101 highlight a charity speedrunning event for the holidays


The newsletters that are made available between Wizard101 and Pirate101 might be too thin in terms of new content, but both are still with something worthwhile to note: an example of the speedrunning event that is being held in both MMOs right now.

On January 1st the player is challenged to rank five different speedspreads, four of which are available to free players. All three of the players will earn a shiver of silver and the top five will be eligible for an extra crown bonus; and developer KingsIsle will donate $25 to every player whose run beat the last-place run by one category leaderboard to Games Done Quick, which will use the AGDQ event for the Prevent Cancer Foundation for the 8th January issue of the ASD.

Some of the magazines talk about game-made guides, videos and fanart. If anyone else goes to Wiz101, it reminds us again of its recent Novus update and the monstrology update this week.

You’ll want to check out today’s patch notes!

Monstrology came to Novus, continue spell audit and more.

Take a look at the https://t.co/YMiW9DNnlu pic.twitter.com/4INS1trvEE.

Wizard101 (@whizard101) Dec 19 2022

Sources: Wizard101, Pirate101 newsletter.


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