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Pixel 8 (Pro): Google might have a lot of fun with the price of its next flagships

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Google could drastically increase the price of the Pixel 8 range in Europe while keeping the same base 128GB configuration. Find out how much the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro could cost you.

According to the Dealabs website, the Pixel 8 price will be significantly higher in France. A smaller Pixel 8 in the 18GB configuration would be 799, a gain of 149, comparativement to the Pixel 7 sold for 649.

The Pixel 8 Pro with the same capacity of storage would be priced at 1099, a difference of 200 as the original Pro model.

The Pixel 8 variant with 256 GB will be sold at 859, while the Pixel 8 Pro with 256 GB will cost 1159. These two models are 60 higher compared to the base storage option.

As usual, all this remains rumors at the moment of today and will be confirmed only at the next Made by Google event on October 4th. Nevertheless, sources such as Dealabs and Yogesh Brar agree that the Pixel 8 will probably sell for surprisingly more.

Googles Pixel 8 boasts a new photo module island and sports a temperature sensor.

To explain this price increase, there are also some factors. Indeed, the Oled screen of Pixel 8, will be improved, but also the main objective. Dead also, the new Tensor G3 SoC, which is expected to power both handsets, comes with an upgraded CPU and GPU. A new temperature sensor will be added to the camera, which would cost more.

However, the aforementioned price increases might have compared to the competitors. For example, the Pixel 8 would be the lowest cost of the OnePlus 11 (test), which would be 652.24 euros, but even in the lower price of the Galaxy S23 at 889.

While the Galaxy S23+ is worth 1109 euros and the next iPhone, its Pixel 8 is worth a lot of competition.

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Do you think it would be mistaken for Google to launch the Pixel 8 (Pro) at higher prices? What do you think of their spec sheet?

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