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Play a console with World Cup Pinball on the Xbox

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World Soccer Pinball comes to the Xbox.

The latest addition to the growing range of pinball titles by Super PowerUP Games, that includes Dragons, World Soccer Playables, and the popular arcade game to the ice.

Represent your nation.

World Soccer Pinball is available today on Xbox, following previous release on PlayStation, Switch, and PC.

Before you go on the field, first thing, first, and we should pick our national team. Whether you want to take England, Germany or any other country to global glory, you will probably face the pinball table.

As in every pinball game, the goal is to score as many points as possible. Besides that, you will do that with a limited number of balls. By flicking the balls, using pinball levers, you’ll activate a number of switches and lights, and the highest score will be obtained. You know, some basic pinball stuff.

An online guideboard is needed to try to make it top. There are secrets and missions to discover, as well as missions to complete. But you need to be able to use all the power-ups that that game offers. Multiball, extalla, yawny and competeny, and abilitieshot are all required.

Key Features

  • Arcade design
  • Set for the soccer world cup.
  • Multiball, Extraball, Skillshot, Jackpots.
  • Reproduction with all the details, lights and sounds.
  • Choose from four different cameras.

The jumble gheem!

World Soccer Pinball is now available on Xbox One, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch and PC. You can buy a version from the Xbox Store now for just 2.49 dollars.

Our review of World Soccer Pinball on Xbox will get soon.

Game Description

Play Play the Soccer Games, pick your country, and start playing games so that people can count more on the winner than they will.

Try to score goals and not make fouls on the playfield, to get the highest score, to become the MVP and to win the match.

Search for secrets, complete missions and earn your best friends on the official leaderboard.

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