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Play fast: Flamefatal 2023 Launches Sunday

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The Organisers behind games Done Quick announced the full schedule for their Summer summer event, Flame Fatales 2023, which will kick off tomorrow. Run by a dreadful, All-Women side of the speedrunning charity, this year’s event willkick off on Monday, August 13th, hosting an 80-week worth of games being run as quickly as they can, to raise funds for the Malala Fund.

The game is fast.

Frame Fatales is a global society for all men and women who enjoy speed and play. All women are welcome, no matter whether you are trans-nuclear or gender-neutral. Frame Fatales is proud of being generous to the Alala Foundation! Malala Fund works for a world where girls can learn and lead. Malala Fund advocates for policies and resources to give girls secondary education, invests in local education activists, and builds up girls’ voices for change.

  • There are two servers focused on comradery, helping each other with speed and information sharing and analyzing speed and data.
  • Game of the Month: Each month, we vote on the Game of the Month, where we collect money and learn new speed games with the group. There’s also been one of the games he played with: Stardew Valley, Celeste, Hades, Waluigi’s Tacostand and more!
  • Marathons:Frame Fatales usually has two events per year, with flurry Fatals occurring in February/Madam, and Fuchs Fatales in August. On the Games Done Easy Youtube channel, you can find past films from the series Frame Fatales.

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