Play Store’s API update helps developers learn more about real users than bots


Googles Play Store is the world’s most used application store because of the Android market share, but also because majority of developers want to develop a game and a business.

The Play Store isn’t just user-friendly, but also intuitive for the developers to manage their applications. As an additional feature, Google is adding the ability for developers to distinguish real users from bots in their games and apps, as reported by the Android Police.

Google announced the Play Integrity API for developers at its annual I/O conference in 2022. The Play Integrity API protects your apps and games from potential risky and fraudulent interactions, and enables you to respond appropriately with different measures to reduce your attacks and abuses such as fraud, cheating and unauthorized access, according to Google.

As part of the API, which is set to replace Googles current SafetyNet sometime in 2024, Play Store users will be classified according to their activities. ACTIVITY_LEVELS ENERGY, UNEVALUATED, UNUSUAL, UNKNOWN, TYPICAL_BASIC and TYPICAL_STRONG.

Finally, Google Play will send a signal to help developers distinguish between likely genuine and likely non-genuine traffic on their apps and games.

Google is looking to give developers a way to tell if their app is being run by a bot or not. Google will provide a signal which lets distinguish between “likely genuine” and “likely non-genuine” traffic according to “the presence and volume of Play Store activity.”

Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) 3 janvier 2023.

Although this feature update doesn’t have any side effects for the end user, it will be useful in helping developers monitor their apps and reminders of the changes that were added to the Play Integrity API. However, on the user side, Google is looking for a place of direct ads in the Play Store.

The source is @MishaalRahman Via: Android Police.


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