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Player 3 Reload Yukari and Junpe English Voice Actors Discuss Character

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In addition to the latest Persona 3 video, a series of British singers and characters such as Yukari or Junpeu talk about their role. In each case, we see the new performers in a booth. We’re also getting to see some brief footage from people like Yukari, Junpeis and the protagonist.

The video starts with the original Yukari voice actress Michelle Ruff discussing how a project helped develop and get people involved in characters. She introduces the new players to a cast.

From here on we see Zeno Robinson, the new voice of Junpei singing “The Persona 3 Reload”. He thought that the party was in a place like his character.

After that, Heather Gonzalez will talk about his role. She’s the new voice of Yukari, followed by Ruff. She explains how she tried to maintain the characters’ confidence in Persona 3 Reload while still showing her innocence.

The third new actor to appear is Aleks Le, who plays the protagonist often called Makoto. He discussed how it’s like to assume that kind of role, while we hear some aspects about his ideas.

Here’s the full video.

Persona 3 Reload is going to be available via Steam for PS4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One, as well.

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