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Players at Baldurs Gate 3 weigh in on one legitimate complaint about masterful RPG

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In the thousands of hours countless hours players spent preparing to enter Baldurs Gate 3 are not so many complaints in the game that players share. No more people outside of one particular problem that many fans have explained online, so it could be the simplest part of the RPG.

When a game that focuses on controlling one player at a time, even in combat, fans have expressed their pain over Reddit jump mechanic, especially when it’s supposed to happen automatically. There is nothing more frustrating than finding out that you lost a soldier but not to death, just to the unbeatable enemy of a five foot jump.

I have only one legitimate complaint about this game by U/IvanaHumpalot3000 inBaldursGate3.

If you do not forget to select that player from the players, switching over to control them means that your other three players will start to reach that same gap when there are the possibilities. If you ungroup them, you can switch over to their perspective and see what the issue is. The problem can usually be solved with the help of the rest of the team to jump over that spot that the rest of their team does on their own.

In the great world, this isn’t an all-star game or a rage-quit-inducing bug, but one big frustration can be solved without one, like forgetting to save before a big battle or failing to prepare a pass without a trace before going round. I speak from experience. It is not the rage-quit problem about, but it is the one that stoods you over the edge and makes you go get over grass, rather than Forgotten Realms.

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This thread was shared among the players who wrote the original poster, and called it the plain case, among other reasons. It shouldn’t be that those that lack strength are left behind. As such, the Barbarian Karlach is left hardly a great asset, and in a desperate need for action, repeatedly.

Larian Studios have made changes to Baldurs Gate 3 quickly, whether it be minor or large as they are the focus of large themes or major ones that prefer to add new endings to beloved characters. We’ll have a moment to fix that, but that gap should be as easy as to jump on that gap.

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