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Playing games and watching videos are not the most popular uses of the iPhone, the report suggests

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As popular as video content is becoming, watching videos is still not the most popular reason people use their iPhones. Data from the analysis company CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) highlights the eight popular use cases among iPhone owners in the US, indicating that 74% of owners watch videos at least once or twice a day.

The first places are occupied by text messages and Internet use, with approximately 95% and 94% of iPhone owners texting or using the Internet on their phones at least once during the day. God Information collected During the 12 months ending March 2024 includes people who may use the internet or text several times a day.

Taking and editing photos (61%) is another popular activity but the least attention from iPhone owners among different use cases. That sits below gaming, for which the company noted that about 64% of iPhone owners play at least once a day.

While the numbers may seem low, it still means that three out of five iPhone owners take or edit photos every day. Apart from this, there are other common uses of the iPhone such as email (81%), phone calls (80%) and listening to music (71%).

The report discusses how the recently announced Apple Intelligence could impact iPhone use cases. Apple unveiled a tray of AI features earlier this month, including writing tools, email summaries and smart email replies.

This suggests that Apple Intelligence features that improve writing are expected to benefit iPhone owners’ email and texting habits, along with custom AI-generated emojis to bring a fun element. Some highly used applications may leverage Siri’s enhanced capabilities to improve the user experience when accessing information from the web.

Noting that camera improvements have driven device upgrades in the past, the analytics firm said that “the photography improvements offered by Apple Intelligence could have a significant impact on iPhone users and may drive upgrades to new devices enough to take advantage of the advances.”

One dark thing clarified Lately this is why Apple Intelligence is only available on its flagship iPhones. He said older devices could theoretically run Apple’s AI models, but would be “so slow it wouldn’t be useful”.

Common uses like talking, listening to music, watching videos and playing games are “less likely to improve with Apple Intelligence” directly. However, Apple is finally adding the call recording and transcribing feature to iOS 18, bringing some additional benefits to users.

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