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PlayStation 5: Holding it vertical would be dangerous according to experts

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Even though the advent of CES 2023 has made us think the announcement of the new Playstation 5 model would be exciting, the last few hours have also been seasoned by repair experts whose claims that the design structure of PlayStation 5 could be for the game machine itself.

In detail, what would have resulted in the important claims of some repair shops would have been the vertical stand of PlayStation 5 which could cause irreparable damage. A grave structural defect might, nevertheless, be, rather unlikely, which does not have the actual meaning of real problems at least for the moment for all owners of a PS5.

However, the repair shops themselves claim the effectiveness of the liquid metal cooling system for the APU may be compromised if there is a gasket on the PlayStation 5. The same architecture of the platform created by Sony means that gravity can’t withstand normal conditions from the contents of the cooling system to the internal components.

Nevertheless, the possibility of a problem encountered from this type of gaskets or even the cooling system itself could be a cause of a malfunction: if we describe in detail the noise of the fans and the aforementioned mode of shutdown, even though these are no exist problems at the moment, there aren’t any user testimonials reporting such damage in person.

Yet the study of industry experts indicates possible damage: If liquids in the cooling system were to spill onto the internal components, the shorts that would follow could permanently damage the motherboard. Unfortunately, none of the 30 million units of PlayStation 5 sold seem to suffer from these problems.

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