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PlayStation Plus, price increase. Gamers anger on PS Blog: goodbye Sony

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In recent days, Sony Interactive Entertainment, as well as the release of the free games of September, allow subscribers to pay for the service’s monthly and annual rates.

It certainly didn’t do much happiness. Many people in the post promise that they’ll let the service go. Price increase and rubbish supply? Can you get some exclusives at least once after the price hike? ask a fan. I won’t renew. It’s not worth it anymore, he said some more. The user message ends with the fact that I have never seen two companies compete too hard to show up. That same fan base built them.

The new price will be as follows as the 6 September 2023 deal.

PlayStation Plus Essential: 12-month subscription for 71.99 PlayStation Plus Extra: 12-month subscription for 125.99 PlayStation Plus Premium: 12-month subscription for 151.99.

It’s a pretty big increase each year of around 20-25%. In respect of you, you will pay 12 more for Essential level, 25, more for Extra level and 32 more for Premium level.

Sony justified the price increase by saying that this pricing adjustment allows us to continue offering a high-quality game and a value added benefit to your PlayStation Plus subscription.

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