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PlayStation VR2: What are the games you’ve got? Complete list updated

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The list of videos released during the PlayStation VR2 launch is updated. As well as first party games such as Horizon Call of the Mountain Dia Guerrilla, the debut of Sonys new Virtual Reality headset will be accompanied by twenty third-party titles.

The list (updated December 19, 2022) includes three titles such as Cities VR Enhanced Edition, 202x, Moss e Moss Book II, PlayStation VR2, Star Wars Tales from the Galaxys Edge Enhanced Edition, Dark Pictures Switchback VRHello Neighbor Search and Rescue e Resident Evil Village.

The PlayStation VR2 game is released immediately.

MMA World Cup Champions unleashed All Stars. After the Autumn, we’ve got a good time. Altair Breaker Cities VR Enhanced Edition! Cosmonious High Demeo Dyschronia Chronos Alternately, Alternately, Alternately. Fantavision 202X Hello neighbours Search and Rescue. The climber route calls the mountain. Kizuna AI aims at beating the pulse. Moss One-to-one study of the molecular. Nobodys Sky. Evil Village is a liar. Star Wars Tales from the Galaxys Edge Enhanced Edition Swordsman VR The Dark Cinema VR Switchback. The Light Brigade is a light brigade. The story of Onogoro, which is on sale today, is a tale of Onogoro. Tentacular

The popular game, Residenza is available only for owners of the original game, so those who own Residenza for PS5 will get the VR mode free. Sony should soon reopen PlayStation VR2 pre-orders, it’s the viewer is being released on February 22, 2023 for the price of 599.99 euros for the basic package or 649.99 euros for the bundle with Horizon Call of the mountain.


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