Pokemon game for 2023, or Black and White remakes or new legends


Despite the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet a few months ago, many fans are wondering about Pokemon’s future. Last year, we got two new titles including Pokemon Legends: Arceus and the main Scarlet and Violet games. So what’s the plan for 2023? Pokemon hasn’t announced a new game yet; however, we have listed all the possible possibilities in the list below. The list includes Pokemon that are able to be announced this year.

Pokemon dLC Scarlet and Violet vs.

In the past generations, Pokemon launched a special third game like Yellow, Crystal, etc. Later, the trend has been changed into a proper sequel with Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. The sequels have been bid farewell, and in exchange, the developer decided to make DLCs. We saw this with Pokemon sword and sword. Hopefully, we get excited to see a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC.

Pokémon Black and White Remakes.

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Pokemon always keep their original game lineup fresh with remakes. The last one was the classic Pokemon Diamond and Shining Pearl, and now the next Pokemon in the queue is Black and White. Remakes are more expensive, as they require less work. The game Freak had the help of another developer ILCA and bring the Diamond and Pearl remakes. They could adopt that strategy with the next remakes. Hence there’s a lot of chances that the Pokemon game for 2023 will be the Black and White remakes.

New Pokemon Legends game.

Pokemon Legends: Arecues fall under different categories. Everyone likes you. There’s a new Pokemon experience. Now that the developer is much more involved with Open-world games, we can expect a new Pokemon Legends game.

The Unova area is a large possibility, even though there’s no confirmation of the next Pokemon game. If the company decides to sell a remake of Pokemon Black and White featuring Unova, it will be able to. It’s a new Legends game, and the next region of line is Unova since it’s Sinnoh last.

This is a small imaginable, and there is no official document yet. We’ll keep you updated whenever there is an official announcement. Until then, let’s know your speculation on Pokemon for 2023.



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