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Pokemon Go announced Spotlight Hours October 2023

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Niantic has revealed all the hours of hours forPokemon GO Tuesday nights in October 2023.

Pokemon GO – Pumpkaboo. Don’t forget to mention nantic.

The Spotlight Hours and bonus games will be given to Pokemon GO in October 2023.

  • The Monday. October 3: 2023: Slowpoke with double candy for transferring the goods to the store.

It’s a shiver. We’ren’t so far away from Slowpoke Community Day, who certainly reduced the number of trainers who would be interested in this Pokemon getting a Spotlight Hour this fast.

  • Tuesday, October 10: 2023: Shroomish with double XP for evolving, could be Shiny.

Shroomish is very nice and autumnal. That could be one of the reasons for it being something we all get in the fall. Though its all-on Summertime, it’s a spooky season.

  • Tuesday, October 17:2023: Pumpkaboo with double Stardust to catch, could be Shiny.

This Spotlight Hour will take place just before the Harvest Festival event has finished. I think that if the harvest festival starts with the watermark, and this Pumpkaboo Spotlight Hour essentially means it’s a “well, if you aren’t caught by the sun yet” way of doing that.

  • May 21st, 2023 – A-keptium-a-keptium intan: Pops for catching are Shiny.

Phantump does not have any Shiny market. But there is a chance that it will get its Shiny release sometime during the first part of Halloween and that this will be updated. We’ll see.

  • Tuesday, October 31st 2023: Yamask with Double Candy for catching, can be Shiny.

Yamask is generally on the rarer side, so this spotlight hours game will definitely make many happy.

Here are the events which will come to Pokemon GO in October 2023:

  • October 27th, October 2nd 2023: Come play.
  • October 5 – October 9 – 2023: idyty tyre – an unannounced event.
  • June 7 November 2023: Baton Rouge.
  • October 12 – October 17, 2023: Harvest Festival.
  • October 15, 2023: Unconfirmed Community Day.
  • October 21-2023: Incense Day: 23rd of October 2023.
  • April 21st January 23rd : Pokemon GO Halloween 1523 Part 1:
  • The ’26-Oct. 31. Oktober 2023: Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 Part 2 of the ’23.

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