Pokemon GO Hopes For 2023


2022 wilted a game changer forPokemon GO. We saw Niantic begin to make progress from the pandemic, and then add new incentive to get out and play in the real world with Daily Adventure Incense, Elite Raids, in-person events and more. In honor of the next year, I’ll be offering a joint ad with you for a party in 2023.

In the video, the Pokemon Go logo appears. I’m a non-azero.

  • Niantic’s connection with the GOplayers of many different time – recent events and the entire time of the game can be blamed on the fact that Niantic has no idea what annoys them and makes more sense of their own problem. They sold the Arrival of Ultra Beast: Globalso hard for a limited time only to deliver an event with virtually no content and a wide range of raids. The fact that Niantic had a “task force” of players and remain blind to what most players enjoy is enlightening. My hope is to see the company fix the problem, hire a competent team, and create a cohesive team, where everyone who works on the planet contributes to the overall vision. The game and the interview with Niantic team members began in January this year, and I realize a lot more progress this year than it was.
  • The return of EX Raids: Elite Raids aren’t doing that. EX Raids were a perfect way to get to know the exact same location as meetings. It enabled them to gather. Fortunately, the EX Raids are now working, rather than the Elite Raids, which is, by my experience, barren.
  • This was extremely fun and helped us raid Latios and Latias, who had been boring raid features for a long time because of their characteristics. Could you wait for mega-mewtwo X and mega-mewtwo y raids in 2023?
  • I hope Niantic sees that Apex Shadows are actually cool and won’t just become a one-time replacement. While the GO Tours will travel back to Shiny Mythicals, I would like to see a major Team GO Rocket event continue to release Apex Shadows.
  • Attention to team GO Rocket: Continuing from last month’s study, a single-year feature of Team GO Rocket has become more often in the double-annual occurrence. Jessie and James are completely absent this year, and why? You have to return the team GO Rocket as a huge, continuous feature!
  • Trainers are permanently allowed to compete in the wild, but the trainers are always in the wild, and always they are the ones that hold on to events such as Poke Stop and then as the individual who performs on their own, so that they have the most important power. This skews back to the original games and adds plenty of fun.
  • A revised narrative is made to improve:Finally, Special Research in 2022 had strong narratives with the arrival of the Ultra Beasts, but a blustering appearance of Hisuian Pokemon had resulted in the wild, so the characters did not participate. It is an impossible adventure with their story. For a more coherent story in 2023, the reality would make Pepsemon GO far more exciting.


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