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Pokemon GO offer a wide variety of Pokemon For September 2023 Spotlights for all Pokemon

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Once we have finished posting the report from September 2023, we will be able to see which Pokemon are available on the Tuesday eve of PokemonGO. Let’s get into which species of species will be featured, if they can be Shiny and what Spotlight Hour bonuses are for you.

Wooper is GO. Credit: Niantic.

These are the Spotlight Hours and bonuses coming out to Pokemon GO in September 2023:

  • Tuesday, October 5th, 2023: Wooper with XP for expanding, Shiny.
  • Tuesday, September 12: 2023: Mankey can catch a candy by double swarm, Shiny’s, can’t be a candy candy, can’t be gummy if a man of double size is a Mankey.
  • Tuesday, September 19th 2023: Venonat with a double syringe for catching, can be spooky.
  • Tuesday, September 26th, 2023: Tentacool with double stardust for catching, can be Shiny, can be a teddy.

All that’s good! There are no repeats of Community Day, no non-Shinies, and nothing that was seen too often at all lately. In short, some people who missed full-odds Shinies in previous events were able to catch them in the wild.

My favorite is Wooper. I remember when Shiny Wooper was released during an event spontaneously held 24 hours after the Wooper Watch event which went on the wild as a result of the flooded-up spawns in the Wooper spawns. We had a great time, so I hope Adventures Abound can shake up and bring back some of that spontaneity.

These four have to be quite interesting. The Spotlight is a fun month.

  • October 2th-2023: The Charmander Community Day Classic has been held on two days.
  • May 5th September 2023: A Paldean adventure.
  • September 10 September 15: ULTRA Unlock: Paldea.
  • September 17-2023 – Oddish Research Day.
  • Until a few weeks ago.
  • October 27: September Community Day, focus on unannounced day.
  • March 27. Oct. 5, 2023: Play for a night: Out to play.

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