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Pokemon Go players are exhausted with no interest in Shadow Raids, reworks reworks in demand feature reworks

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Pokémon are in the process of losing their fortune with Shadow Raids this season. They claim they’ve become repetitive and stale, and they are begging Niantic to rework the Raid Battles as soon as possible.

The community said on Reddit on Aug. 20 that while Shadow Raids were interesting and fun with the release of Shadow Mewtwo and later Shadow Articuno, people have stopped them because Shadow Articuno has been in tier-five raids every weekend. It became more complicated, they say.

Fans also said the higher-tier Shadow Raids are disinteresting because the Pokemon in them are not compelling enough, and purification gems are unreliable mechanics.

It’s not the first time that they complained about Shadow Raids. First, they lost their mind because Shadow Mewtwo raids were filled with bugs. Later they raided Shadow Articuno raids in a bid to finish because many were unable to join the effort.

In some players, the solution is to change the formula next season, since Niantic has a second level of five raids throughout the Pokemon Go season. They want them to happen in different time slot throughout the day, and be accessible via Remote Raid Passes that make them easier to find.

When it comes to purification, players want to be completely removed or at least lower the limit from 10 to 5 or allow players to carry more than 4 into a Shadow Raid so they can subdue the boss on their own.

Five gems will be the threshold for calming the shadow down. It’s so hard for someone to do not understand them.

Being limited to four in a raid means you can’t sue a boss by yourself and make it possible to carry out one-tier three tasks. A cap that has a lot of no reason to be there and makes shadow raids even more frustrating to play, added another.

Niantic assured players that it has been listening in other matters that cropped up this year, such as the controversial Remote Raid Pass changes, so that’s probably the case here, but it seems players want the Shadow Raids to be reworked sooner rather than later.

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