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Pokemon Go players are tired of lacking Gym rewards, but can’t agree on a fix

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Pokemon Go players are tired of the old yoke and their lackluster rewards. They agree that they want more Coins for their defense, but not on what should be changed to make it fresh air.

Since the developer made the unpopular decision to increase the cost of remote gamers and add the daily usage limit, players complained about many Pokemon Go features. However, Raids and Gyms, particularly those who couldn’t afford to do these types of games, were not spared.

In a series of Reddit threads on Aug. 30 players discussed how good it was for the fight against the Gyms. A Pokemon has its token, you pay per coin when you come to a gym.

50 coins per day are too low. in pokemongo, by u/4th_times_a_charm_ in pokemongo.

Now that the price of Remote Raid Passes has doubled, players argue that they need more coins than ever to complete content. Raid passes cost 525, making you have to play for ten days to have three. This doesn’t even consider upgrading Pokemon storage, said the player.

In addition to expensive Raid Passes, players who want to add some PokeDex and keep at least one species of each species in their storage will have to buy eight Pokemon Storage upgrades.

Among them will receive a free limit of 300, and with each upgrade 50 more Pokemon be given to them for the hefty price of 200 Coins. To have enough storage, they will have 1.600 Coins.

Players suggested the daily limit be replaced by the weekly limit, so they would get 350 coins if all of their Pokemon in the Gyms would be kicked out on the same day.

However, they didn’t seem to agree on what more they could obtain from defending Gyms to make it more worthwhile or how the feature should be changed to renew its interest. In a separate thread, a player suggested the developer rewarded them Stardust when the limit of the coins was passed. But communitys were with mixed reactions.

This is actually a good idea. Don’t break the balance of the game and still incentives players to put Pokemon in the gym, a player responded. Many said that if defending bonuses are too heavy, casual players would be evaded because high-level players maintain monopoly over them. Players simply don’t agree what’s possible.

But the system of the Razor and the Gyms has not been deteriorated since 2017 and many people are getting tired of it. It isn’t yet clear whether Niantic plans to use these features for upcoming changes.

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