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Pokemon Go players have reportedly been suspended for using new pokestops

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Numerous Pokemon Go players are reporting they got suspended from their accounts over nominating new Pokemon stoppers who didn’t meet the terms of the Wayfarer program.

To improve the game, players can enter the Wayfarer program and submit entries that will add activities and improve the exploration for everybody. Nominating Pokestops is one of them. Players claim they have been suspended for not getting those accepted without a means to get successful appeals.

While I’m aware, the appeals for bans due wayfarer is all useless. I get the same auto-reply from @NianticHelp @NianticWayfarerJust don’t do wayfarer.

GreenBeeV (@greenbeev) September 18, 2023

Since the beginning of September, the players had reported 30-day suspensions from the game. While some doubted those players were specifically suspended because of this reason, one of them shared an email from Niantic in which they expressly mentioned this as a cause for suspension.

We confirm that you submitted a nomination that isn’t satisfying our criteria, read the letter. Those responsible for that violation suspended their Wayfarer and Pokemon GO accounts for 30 days.

Those suspensions started being issued after the adoption of a new policy to prevent abuse of PokeStop submissions in the Wayfarer programme, at the end of August.

Related Pokemon Go players are sick of Niantic limiting this major feature to this extent.

Players’ frustration at this, particularly considering nominating new PokeStops is better than helping both the game and the developer, but they get punished for it.

With several complaints from suspended players, the creator argued that if nominating PokeStops that didn’t meet the requirements of Wayfarers’ program was a violation of the Terms of Service, players should suspend their Wayfarers account, but not their Pokemon Go ones and also not their Pokemon Go.

Niantic has backtracked over the past year, but adjusted the penalties for improper nominations to stop the improper suspension. On Sept. 15, it revealed the launch of a Wayfarer Abuse Enforcement Ladder, the issuance of warnings before suspensions and the appeal for wrongful suspensions.

On the other side, some players reported they didn’t get more chances with the new process. Even though the ladder was launched, it’s still unclear if more players are getting misinterpretted in Pokemon Go.

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